Room Tour (My College Apartment) 

Moving into my first apartment was such a huge step. I spent most of the summer dreaming about how my room would turn out. And my dreams definitely did come true. I decided to go with a white, blush, and gold theme. I know moving and finding room inspiration can sometimes be difficult so I decided to share my room with you guys in hopes that you would be at least a little inspired. (P.S. I will link the items I used at the end).

So first let me talk about my bed. I purchased my bed online at Walmart and was a little nervous about the how good the quality the bed would be when it arrived. I am absolutely in love with this bed! This bed comes in a size queen and king so I decided to get the queen in order to give me some more space throughout the room. I also got my bedding for Walmart. I love this comforter because of how chic it looks and it is also not too thick. I tend to get hot when I sleep and this comforter is really great for me because it still keeps me cool at night. Lastly I got my pillows from Ikea. I want to add a pop of color to the bed because I felt that it was looking very plain. These pillows are so affordable and provide great comfort as well.

I purchased a side table from Ikea because I like to have a designated space to put my things while I sleep. This side table was only $8! and it does its job well. I just added some simple accent pieces to it to go with the aesthetic of my room. I got the notebooks from TJ Maxx for $5 each! TJ Maxx has really cute notebooks, binders, and notepads for a great price. Just look in their stationary aisle and you’ll be sure to find something you love. I also added a candle to the table that says “hello gorgeous” to keep my room smelling amazing. I love having that saying on my items in my room because I just gives me a boost of confidence through the day, especially during my bad days. Lastly I just have a water bottle because I get very thirsty in the middle of the night as well as my eye glasses case.

Moving on to my desk area, I purchased my desk from Ikea. (The drawers are not attached in this picture because they were giving me some trouble but I assure you they are attached now). I also got my chair from Ikea and added a pillow for some extra comfort for when I am studying, editing videos, or writing blogs. On the left I just have a wire basket I got from Walmart which I use to hold all my body sprays. Putting them in this basket it makes them look a lot more organized rather than chaotic. Next to that is my little pink box that I got from TJ Maxx that says “Wake up and Make up” which I use to hold my head bands as well as some necklaces. Then I have my dry erase calendar which I also bought from TJ Maxx. This just helps me stay organized throughout the month because I am a very forgetful person. Next to that I have my Amazon Echo Dot. This thing is probably one of the best presents I have gotten. It literally does everything! It can play your music, order things online, power on/off lights in your room, send text messages, and so much more wirelessly! Moving on, I have my palette organizer which holds like a third of my palettes and I just have some of my favorites in there at the moment. Lastly, I have my lamp which I got from Ikea which I love because it very compact as well as bright.

Lastly I have my “style corner” as I like to call it. I purchase this clothing rack from Ikea and some cloth non slip hangers. These hangers look a lot more chic than regular ones due to the velvet on them. They are also a lot more slim allowing me to display more items on the rack. I lined the rack with string lights just to give it some more drama as well as to add light to the room in general. Next to the rack is my mirror which I also got from Ikea. I decided to get a full length mirror to aid me in pairing different outfits.

Links to products:

♥ Pink Cushion Cover

♥ Cushion Insert

♥ Ikea Side Table

♥ Ikea Desk

♥ Desk Chair

♥ Desk Lamp

♥ Amazon Echo Dot

♥ Clothing Rack

♥ Full Length Mirror

♥ String Lights


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